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INSERT statement in SQL Server 2008

Did you know that you can now insert multiple values in an INSERT statement separated by commas? Suppose you have a table like this : create table amex (aid int) Then this fails in SQL Server 2005, but succeeds in … Continue reading

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Monitoring alerts and firing jobs

Remember I had posted an entry earlier about setting and responding to transaction log alerts. Well I had a chance to expand on this, so here goes : First, create a job that does the shrinking. In my case, I … Continue reading

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Sometimes, I just need to know the difference in one line instead of 3-4 essays. If that is what you are looking for, well here goes : " The primary difference between CT and CDC is that CT records only … Continue reading

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Certified on SQL Server 2008

Finally got my certification in SQL Server 2008. Of course, I cant tell you what the questions were, but we can discuss on the most asked topics, I guess. First up, the process is a lot easier than SQL Server … Continue reading

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