Certified on SQL Server 2008

Finally got my certification in SQL Server 2008. Of course, I cant tell you what the questions were, but we can discuss on the most asked topics, I guess.

First up, the process is a lot easier than SQL Server 2005. They have clearly demarcated the Developer, DBA & BI paths at the MCTS level itself. This is unlike MCTS:SQL Server 2005, where you had to write one common exam and then specialise only at the MCITP level. Also, there were no simulations in the exams (both MCTS and MCITP). You also need to write only one paper after the MCTS to pass the MCITP, unlike the two for MCTS: SQL Server 2005.
The questions mainly focussed on the the three new technologies in SQL Server 2008 : Compression, Data Collection and Policy-Based Management. This makes a lot of sense as these features differentiate this release of SQL Server from the ones before it.
Surprisingly, many features were not at all tested, like the new datatypes for spatial data, Change Tracking, Change Data Capture, etc. I guess some features like Service Broker would be covered only for the MCTS: SQL Developer exam…
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